Committed to ciggies.

We are well into winter now and we all know it can get extremely cold. In fact, we all know so well that we want to snuggle up in a ball under our duvets and never come out.

Reality is that we all have lives to live and have to get on with that no matter what the weather is like.

For those who smoke, i often see it as a dedication to the habit. I was walking back home today and saw a man having a cigarette outside. You could tell he was cold as he was certainly not leaving long intervals between each drag. I sort of chuckled a little because it got me thinking how dedicated smokers are to their habit or more so how their crave makes the decisions.

Some people avoid this altogether by smoking inside (or on their balconies when they’re not supposed to), but generally speaking it appears as a lot of hassle particularly when your cigarette won’t light up at the first attempt and you have not yet mastered how do so speedily in effect increasing your time outside in the cold.

Yes, it might be questioned why I even care about the idea seeing as I am not a smoker myself, yet at the same time there are people out there that care more than you would think.

In order to help those keen smokers during the harsh winter months, mittens specifically for smokers have been created by Tobias Wong. It has been created with one small hole situated between the index and middle finger, in order that you slip in you cigarette through the oven mitt so that you can enjoy the nicotine while staying toasty warm.

It’s clear that this invention is promoting smoking by making it more attractive to those that smoke and also those who potentially wish to smoke but also having looked at the product there are some health and safety issues, in particular because of the fact that the mitten is very restrictive (movements of the hand take place in the mid and restricts the tapping off method) and could cause a fire hazard.

All in all, it is a clever invention because someone saw a gap in the market and sought to fill that gap. What i would like to know however is how much they are and whether there have been issues with the mittens from consumers?

What are your thoughts?