Nature is cruel!

Yesterday I witnessed the saddest but most surreal aspect of nature I have ever witnessed before.

I was making breakfast in the kitchen in the morning and I noticed there was a fly. It was buzzing around and I figured I’d let it out as it was clear that it accidentally flew into the kitchen without meaning to and did not know how to leave. It was also pretty warm so i felt sorry for it –  I myself was hot so I was wondering how he/she would be feeling.

I opened the window, shepherding it out when it fell behind the sofa metres from the window. This was probably the worst thing that could happen to the fly because as soon as it fell a spider came out of its cobweb (bear in mind this was behind the sofa which is in front of the window). Honestly, I cannot describe how fast that spider ran. I’ve never seen it in my life. The fly was only centimetres away from the spider but as soon as the spider sensed the fly was there ( probably gave it away from all the noise it was making) it swooped in and attacked.

Guys, you had to be there to see what happened. I was leaning on the sofa, looking at the back of it where the window, spider and fly were. The spider which was actually miniature in comparison to the fly swooped (it ran incredibly fast, I mean I’ve never seen this before in my life) in from the cove of web and grabbed the fly. At this point, the fly was struggling and making buzzing noises to get away. I figured I would not meddle in what nature intended – more so because I despise spiders but at the same time I felt so bad for the fly. I actually verbalised an ‘oh no’ and watched on as my porridge sat on the counter top, getting cold.

Every time the fly would make noise as if it was taking off the spider would spin its web cocooning him/her in and leaving the fly no chance to escape. I simply looked on as the fly struggled for its last breath (i mean anthropomorphism right?). Eventually, the fly stopped moving. I went to go grab my porridge and sat on the sofa. I just couldn’t eat it. I then took another look behind the sofa and neither fly nor spider were there anymore. I don’t know where they are or what the spider did to the fly.

This morning, I checked to see if the spider had returned. It hasn’t. There is no sign of the fly either. It’s amazing how nature works! I just feel like this should have been on a David Attenborough nature programme or something even though it was on a small scale!

WOW! I’m actually now watching spider videos. What’s wrong with me?!