And the praise is Yours

This post has one objective, it is to praise God and extol His holy name.

It is currently T minus 9 mins to 12 midnight (this post will probably go up sometime after that) and I wanted to write this post because the Lord has done so much for me regarding my personal and professional life. I would not personally consider myself to consistently read my Bible or always pray, although I aim to do both more times than not (that is every day – both morning and evening).

When I first started University, my faith in God was not very grounded. I used to go to Church because my parents did and my relationship with God was mainly vicariously through them. After flying the nest however and joining a church where I go to University, I have gotten stuck into the life of the Church – not simply being a spectator but actively participating in building the kingdom of God.

In all honesty, being away from my family makes me realise that my relationship with God does existent because when I am not with my family, to me I am with God and Him and I have the opportunity to be with one another. In essence, I feel like when I am by myself, I can have quiet time with myself and God all the time. The same cannot be said when I come back home however and the issue I have come to realise is my overreliance on my family’s faith rather than my own.

This is silly because God has done so much for me when I have been attentive to him, where I have served and when I have given. God’s blessings are immeasurable. All the blessings that have come my way are because of Him. Therefore all the glory and praise are His. He is the rock on which I stand, my joy and comfort.

Two sermons ago my Pastor mentioned the fact that as a church we should feel a heaviness or disappointment when someone who was unable to witness the love of God passes away. She is right in that from what I have experienced of the love and grace of God, I could not imagine my life any other way. In fact, I often speak to the Holy Spirit when I am walking out in public and there is nobody else I could ever speak to the way I do or trust the way I do the Holy Spirit.

Though I do sometimes forget to read my Bible or pray, I am always praising God and worshiping through song. Not a day goes by when I will not listen to or sing Christian music. I love Jesus and no power of hell or scheme of man will pluck me from His hand.

Please let me know about your experiences finding God for yourself, let me know if you do not know Him or whether you are still finding Him.


You are what you say you are…

…life and death lie in the power of the tongue.

This statement will eternally be true. I am a culprit of forgetting the significance of this statement because it is so easy to self-criticise even when you do not think that is what you are doing.

I have often found that I speak down on myself even without realising whether it is a passing comment or accepting what other people say about me. But I have realised that this has taken a toll on my self -confidence and it needs to stop.

For instance, I’lll say that I can’t do something and then laugh and shrug it off but really this is ridiculous. Why can’t i do it? I give no reasons whatsoever but just come to conclusions. I do it so often now that it has become a habit and not only is it annoying for me but it must also be annoying for those that have to listen to me complain all the time.

Every week i tell myself i’ll be better, that I won’t be so negative and it’s really difficult because i have grown accustomed to this behaviour, but I say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. There comes a point where you realise that you should not be relying on other people to pick you up and be your cheerleader but that you have to do that yourself. I am starting today – by loving myself!

I have been destroying myself with self-doubt and pity while everyone else is living their own life and not realising that it is the enemy of progression.

No one ever became what they wanted to be without believing that they could do it and even in the face of doubt they always professed that they would be able to do it. This is the mentality I am hoping to adopt for the rest of the year and beyond.

It is not about what the grade said, how your friends or teachers looked at you, it’s not about not understanding something. It’s all up to YOU and your mindset whether you achieve the best grade you possibly can, whether you ignore those looks and comments and go after your dreams or whether you choose to understand the concept.

I pray to God that he will help me!

Signs God has blessed you

I think it’s important every so often to sit down and ponder why you’re loved and blessed because with the stresses of day to day life you can get warped in and forget that your heavenly father’s got your back. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t give up and when you are feeling down remember (when I am I will look back at this post);

  1. You’re alive
  2. You can experience life whether through all senses or only some
  3. You have breath
  4. You have friends/family or someone who cares enough to speak to you and/or give you the time of day
  5. You’re beautiful inside and out and you’re wonderfully made
  6. God picked this place and time for you because he knew that you would be powerful in affecting this generation
  7. The world would not be the same without you
  8. You’re strong and brave
  9. God thinks you’re perfect and special and he loves you
  10. Jesus died for you.

Being ill sucks

I haven’t been on here for a while because i’ve been busy revising for my forthcoming exams that i recently took formal mocks for. For this reason, i may not visit my blog as frequently as i have been doing or the past few months. I’ve taken a break from studying and although i really should get up and get some exercise, i’m sitting in front of my laptop about to complain about why being ill sucks.

It really does suck.

The onset of a cold is just as bad

I started off with a sore throat which is the worst because you can’t swallow without feeling pain, you try to drink tea to help soothe your throat. You take lozenges in the hopes it will magically disappear.

The thing is i try and boost my immune system all the time. I eat lots of fruit and veg a day and take vitamins and minerals. In fact last week i went on a smoothie spree and had fruit smoothies everyday for breakfast

The other horrible thing about being ill is the fact that you can’t breathe properly and have to breathe out your mouth like a dog.
Sleeping is impossible and you wake up feelling like there is an endless amount of mucus congested in your sinuses! (i’m soo sorry for the horrid image)

When i’m ill, i can’t taste a thing which doesn’t help when i want to snack. For example, i just ate a packet of ready salted crisps and i didn’t taste the salt.

The worst thing about being ill however it’s how having influenza drains your energy. You use up too much energy coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose that you don’t then realise how drained you are and every task seems like a massive effort- even getting out of bed to get breakfast.

I tried to write an essay which was supposed to last just 45 mins and ended up using an 1 and 15 mins to do this.

Finally, you just feel horrible and ugly and you wish it would go away.

I seriously don’t know what is wrong with my immune system. I get ill soo easily and its soo annoying. I envy those who never get ill.

It sucks.

The most annoying part is i always seem to be ill at the end of term and beginning of holidays, like easter break (right now)

But while i complain about a cold which some may say is trivial, i do acknowledge the fact that some people have debilitating illnesses which don’t go away in a week or so.

For this reason, i am thankful to God.

I can’t even study properly but i’m pushing through because i know where i want to be and nothing’s going to stop me. Amen