5 piercings I like but would not get myself

Recently a lot of the videos female Youtubers have been participating in are those regarding baby names which they like but would not themselves be using. I have myself watched some of them and not all of the females are actually pregnant – it just seems like a fun and informative video to watch regardless of status or where you are in life plus it’s just really cool to hear other people’s ideas.

Nevertheless, it is from this video idea that this post was birthed. I wanted to make a post about the piercings I like in general or on other people but could not see on myself for several reasons. In order to narrow down the scope, I have whittled down the number of piercings to 5 mainly to give this post some structure (this is not to say there are more piercings I dislike on myself but simply that these are the piercings I have at one point considered but will never actually go through in getting).

This point is in no way offending anyone with these piercings because as stated above I have at one point considered these piercings at various stages of my life at some point for various reasons. I am in fact using cartoon images rather than people in the case where I can to show you what the piercings look like without offending anyone (with only one exception).

Just for your information, I only have my two lobes pierced (the most generic/basic piercing, even though the piercer did it incorrectly so I’m going to get it corrected at some point soon).

1. Septum


The first piercing is a septum piercing and is one of two facial piercings I will mention in this post. My reasons for no longer getting a septum piercing are simple, I now no longer want one or think that one would suit me. I am also not very fond of facial piercings. I’ve heard that the piercing is painful when getting done and can make you tear. Moreover, it looks awkward and difficult to clean.

2. Daith


I have always wanted to get my daith pierced because I find it to be a cute and rather inconspicuous piercing ( I like piercings that are unnoticeable). In fact, I often still consider getting my daith pierced. What is stopping me, however, are my ears. Sometimes I have issues with my ears such as a clogged up ear, an ear infection etc and I feel a daith would only add fuel to the fire because it is so close to the entrance of the ear canal. It, just like the piercing above, looks awkward to clean let alone to change. Finally, I like listening to music too much and this piercing might get in the way. I might change my mind but right now this is my stance.

3. Nose


(image from wikiHow)

I would not get this piercing for a similar reasoning as to why I would not get my septum pierced, however, I also think that I would not suit a nose piercing. I generally dislike facial piercings. Having said this, when I was younger I always wanted my nose pierced and even to this day if I find a small rhinestone which has become detached from clothing I will place it on my nose and pretend it’s a nose stud (sad I know but let’s not pretend we haven’t done this).

4. Scaffolding


Again, one of those piercings which alongside the daith I have always wanted. It is an absolutely beautiful piercing and I have always admired it on other people and always ask them if it hurt getting it pierced on not. The main reason I have not got this piercing is that when I asked my mother if I could get it she outright rebuked the thought.

On the other hand, I have not got this piercing because I’ve heard it’s incredibly painful, in particular when the bar pierces through the second cartilage ascending upwards diagonally. Moreover, I have read some horror stories about people getting keloids when they have got this piercing: this is not to say you cannot get a keloid with other piercings but it looks like heartache to deal with.

5. Tongue


Last but not least the classic tongue piercing. I wanted to get a tongue piercing because it looked fashionable and something you could play with in your mouth. The reason I will not be getting this piercing is because I have simply grown out of this logic.

Let me know if you are going to get any of these piercings, agree or disagree with me or want to add your own opinions in the comments and remember to like and share this post.