And the praise is Yours

This post has one objective, it is to praise God and extol His holy name.

It is currently T minus 9 mins to 12 midnight (this post will probably go up sometime after that) and I wanted to write this post because the Lord has done so much for me regarding my personal and professional life. I would not personally consider myself to consistently read my Bible or always pray, although I aim to do both more times than not (that is every day – both morning and evening).

When I first started University, my faith in God was not very grounded. I used to go to Church because my parents did and my relationship with God was mainly vicariously through them. After flying the nest however and joining a church where I go to University, I have gotten stuck into the life of the Church – not simply being a spectator but actively participating in building the kingdom of God.

In all honesty, being away from my family makes me realise that my relationship with God does existent because when I am not with my family, to me I am with God and Him and I have the opportunity to be with one another. In essence, I feel like when I am by myself, I can have quiet time with myself and God all the time. The same cannot be said when I come back home however and the issue I have come to realise is my overreliance on my family’s faith rather than my own.

This is silly because God has done so much for me when I have been attentive to him, where I have served and when I have given. God’s blessings are immeasurable. All the blessings that have come my way are because of Him. Therefore all the glory and praise are His. He is the rock on which I stand, my joy and comfort.

Two sermons ago my Pastor mentioned the fact that as a church we should feel a heaviness or disappointment when someone who was unable to witness the love of God passes away. She is right in that from what I have experienced of the love and grace of God, I could not imagine my life any other way. In fact, I often speak to the Holy Spirit when I am walking out in public and there is nobody else I could ever speak to the way I do or trust the way I do the Holy Spirit.

Though I do sometimes forget to read my Bible or pray, I am always praising God and worshiping through song. Not a day goes by when I will not listen to or sing Christian music. I love Jesus and no power of hell or scheme of man will pluck me from His hand.

Please let me know about your experiences finding God for yourself, let me know if you do not know Him or whether you are still finding Him.



Nature is cruel!

Yesterday I witnessed the saddest but most surreal aspect of nature I have ever witnessed before.

I was making breakfast in the kitchen in the morning and I noticed there was a fly. It was buzzing around and I figured I’d let it out as it was clear that it accidentally flew into the kitchen without meaning to and did not know how to leave. It was also pretty warm so i felt sorry for it –  I myself was hot so I was wondering how he/she would be feeling.

I opened the window, shepherding it out when it fell behind the sofa metres from the window. This was probably the worst thing that could happen to the fly because as soon as it fell a spider came out of its cobweb (bear in mind this was behind the sofa which is in front of the window). Honestly, I cannot describe how fast that spider ran. I’ve never seen it in my life. The fly was only centimetres away from the spider but as soon as the spider sensed the fly was there ( probably gave it away from all the noise it was making) it swooped in and attacked.

Guys, you had to be there to see what happened. I was leaning on the sofa, looking at the back of it where the window, spider and fly were. The spider which was actually miniature in comparison to the fly swooped (it ran incredibly fast, I mean I’ve never seen this before in my life) in from the cove of web and grabbed the fly. At this point, the fly was struggling and making buzzing noises to get away. I figured I would not meddle in what nature intended – more so because I despise spiders but at the same time I felt so bad for the fly. I actually verbalised an ‘oh no’ and watched on as my porridge sat on the counter top, getting cold.

Every time the fly would make noise as if it was taking off the spider would spin its web cocooning him/her in and leaving the fly no chance to escape. I simply looked on as the fly struggled for its last breath (i mean anthropomorphism right?). Eventually, the fly stopped moving. I went to go grab my porridge and sat on the sofa. I just couldn’t eat it. I then took another look behind the sofa and neither fly nor spider were there anymore. I don’t know where they are or what the spider did to the fly.

This morning, I checked to see if the spider had returned. It hasn’t. There is no sign of the fly either. It’s amazing how nature works! I just feel like this should have been on a David Attenborough nature programme or something even though it was on a small scale!

WOW! I’m actually now watching spider videos. What’s wrong with me?!

Today is significant for a few reasons…

Today I finished my last exam and therefore my second year at University and…it’s bittersweet. Of course, I am glad I do not have any more exams to revise for as in fact I was feeling drained and did not know how much longer I could last. Having said this, next year I will be going abroad to study for a year in a country I have never been to, whose language is not my mother tongue leaving most of my friends behind who will be graduating next year. This means that I will not be seeing most of them upon my return as they will have either moved back to their home countries or left the city I am currently into work elsewhere. Thus, today, reality struck. We’re all growing up, and time waits for nobody. I started my degree thinking University would be a long four years – I’m learning that years, months, minutes and seconds pass so fast we often do not realise. I want to take the opportunity then to reflect on the things I have achieved both academically and personally (though I will not mention them in this post, I simply want to internalise them). In comparison to my first yet, I have done a lot less and that’s simply because I want to focus on my studies.

What must be said about University is that you really cannot have it all – the social life, the grades, and sleep. You must choose two out of three if that. In fact, two might be stretching it because I felt in the last couple of weeks I’ve been lacking a full night’s rest. In principle, however, I’ve chosen the latter two but this sometimes makes me ponder whether I am missing out on the University experience; the sorts of things I will look back on, the memories, the laughs, the crying (happy tears, I mean) and the embarrassing moments and not forgetting the people I spent these moments with.

In reality, I do not feel I am able to state I have had such moments yet, nor can I definitively state the people I am likely to stay in contact with, bar a few of my friends. Undoubtedly, my experience at University is going to be different to the next person but it’s important I state this. Hear me out, despite the long held and often repeated idea that University is THE BE ALL AND END ALL, the place where you meet your friends for life, potentially your soul mate, this is sadly not always the reality. Undeniably, I have met some amazing people who I hope to stay in contact with in the future however these people are by no means in the two digit figure and they are also likely to be under 5 in number.

I appreciate this probably sounds a little unfortunate or sad, but I’m not sad at all, in fact, it’s rather therapeutic to realise this while I am still at University so it helps me to build better bonds with those i really care about. It may even incentivize me to make more of an effort!

Moving from the topic of University life altogether now, today is also signficant because wordpress reminded me that it was my three year anniversary today. Three years today, inspired by Maya Angelou’s life and literature, i started this blog. I do not regret to this day starting this blog. It has helped me to document my thoughts (you could say streams of consciousness – a bit like this post ay!), my creativity and my weirdness. However, what i do regret is my failure at keeping at it and posting much more frequently, than i do. I honestly do not have an excuse for it – this makes me sad. I’ve always been a writer. Always enjoyed putting pen to paper to write down my internal thoughts and thanks to a teacher that recommended blogging, this became the perfect platform, however i feel i am not using this platform to my advantage.

I am hoping to turn this around – I am focusing on me this summer and working both on reading and writing as often as I can, documenting the things that happen and the things that don’t. Here’s to creativity and inspiration .

You are what you say you are…

…life and death lie in the power of the tongue.

This statement will eternally be true. I am a culprit of forgetting the significance of this statement because it is so easy to self-criticise even when you do not think that is what you are doing.

I have often found that I speak down on myself even without realising whether it is a passing comment or accepting what other people say about me. But I have realised that this has taken a toll on my self -confidence and it needs to stop.

For instance, I’lll say that I can’t do something and then laugh and shrug it off but really this is ridiculous. Why can’t i do it? I give no reasons whatsoever but just come to conclusions. I do it so often now that it has become a habit and not only is it annoying for me but it must also be annoying for those that have to listen to me complain all the time.

Every week i tell myself i’ll be better, that I won’t be so negative and it’s really difficult because i have grown accustomed to this behaviour, but I say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. There comes a point where you realise that you should not be relying on other people to pick you up and be your cheerleader but that you have to do that yourself. I am starting today – by loving myself!

I have been destroying myself with self-doubt and pity while everyone else is living their own life and not realising that it is the enemy of progression.

No one ever became what they wanted to be without believing that they could do it and even in the face of doubt they always professed that they would be able to do it. This is the mentality I am hoping to adopt for the rest of the year and beyond.

It is not about what the grade said, how your friends or teachers looked at you, it’s not about not understanding something. It’s all up to YOU and your mindset whether you achieve the best grade you possibly can, whether you ignore those looks and comments and go after your dreams or whether you choose to understand the concept.

I pray to God that he will help me!

Things I have learnt/thought about from reading the gospel Matthew.

  1. In Chapter 1, it talks about the Holy Spirit specifically that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. I always had the impression that the Holy Spirit only came once Jesus had died resurrected and was leaving the earth and in replacement, left his Holy Spirit. In reality however, the Holy Spirit has always been around, Jesus death only reinforced the presence of the Holy Spirit.
  2. The Joseph who is the earthly father of Jesus is not the same Joseph with the technicolour coat. The Joseph with the technicolour coat is found in Genesis and Jesus’s father or guardian is St Joseph. More information can be found on
  3. During the time of Jesus’ birth, the astrologers saw a star which they followed to where Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Do stars symbolise new births?

If you know the answers or better interpretations of the ideas I’ve mentioned, please feel free to drop a comment.

Some amazing nuggets of scripture I took out of Matthew:

Matthew 5:14

‘You are the world’s light – a city on a hill,glowing in the night for all to see.’

Matthew 6:21

‘If your profits are in heaven your heart will be there too.’




Committed to ciggies.

We are well into winter now and we all know it can get extremely cold. In fact, we all know so well that we want to snuggle up in a ball under our duvets and never come out.

Reality is that we all have lives to live and have to get on with that no matter what the weather is like.

For those who smoke, i often see it as a dedication to the habit. I was walking back home today and saw a man having a cigarette outside. You could tell he was cold as he was certainly not leaving long intervals between each drag. I sort of chuckled a little because it got me thinking how dedicated smokers are to their habit or more so how their crave makes the decisions.

Some people avoid this altogether by smoking inside (or on their balconies when they’re not supposed to), but generally speaking it appears as a lot of hassle particularly when your cigarette won’t light up at the first attempt and you have not yet mastered how do so speedily in effect increasing your time outside in the cold.

Yes, it might be questioned why I even care about the idea seeing as I am not a smoker myself, yet at the same time there are people out there that care more than you would think.

In order to help those keen smokers during the harsh winter months, mittens specifically for smokers have been created by Tobias Wong. It has been created with one small hole situated between the index and middle finger, in order that you slip in you cigarette through the oven mitt so that you can enjoy the nicotine while staying toasty warm.

It’s clear that this invention is promoting smoking by making it more attractive to those that smoke and also those who potentially wish to smoke but also having looked at the product there are some health and safety issues, in particular because of the fact that the mitten is very restrictive (movements of the hand take place in the mid and restricts the tapping off method) and could cause a fire hazard.

All in all, it is a clever invention because someone saw a gap in the market and sought to fill that gap. What i would like to know however is how much they are and whether there have been issues with the mittens from consumers?

What are your thoughts?


I’m a Christian ∴ I LOVE Jesus

I haven’t been blogging very much recently and there’s really no excuse for it especially since I had the whole summer to make creative posts. I do have to say however, I do not tend to post about things unless I am stirred by something or feel that I have thought of a piece which I would like to share with people.

Just now I’ve been listening to a song called ‘Lion and the Lamb’ by Bethel. I’ll include it as a link in this post and it really got me thinking that I haven’t mentioned the fact that I am a Christian on my blog before. Being a Christian is a really important part of my life. I completely and wholly rely on Jesus Christ my saviour and I am truly grateful for the blood.

I recently read a scripture in Psalm 42:1 and it truly expressed how I feel about God. It says in the Living Bible Edition ‘As the deer pants for water, so I long for you, O God’. It is such as short scripture but it speaks volumes for me.

Some people think that the Bible is an ancient text with no relevance to modern day but you only need to look closely at scriptures to realise that any problem or answer you are seeking from God is found in the Bible, you just need to find the right book, chapter and verse.

In order for my personal growth I am reading the Bible and praying every day and I hope by doing this, the relationship I have with God is strengthened and that I will become attentive to his Holy Spirit. Amen.

I intend to speak more about my faith in the future.

Let me know if you have a faith and what makes you happy about that faith.