Committed to ciggies.

We are well into winter now and we all know it can get extremely cold. In fact, we all know so well that we want to snuggle up in a ball under our duvets and never come out.

Reality is that we all have lives to live and have to get on with that no matter what the weather is like.

For those who smoke, i often see it as a dedication to the habit. I was walking back home today and saw a man having a cigarette outside. You could tell he was cold as he was certainly not leaving long intervals between each drag. I sort of chuckled a little because it got me thinking how dedicated smokers are to their habit or more so how their crave makes the decisions.

Some people avoid this altogether by smoking inside (or on their balconies when they’re not supposed to), but generally speaking it appears as a lot of hassle particularly when your cigarette won’t light up at the first attempt and you have not yet mastered how do so speedily in effect increasing your time outside in the cold.

Yes, it might be questioned why I even care about the idea seeing as I am not a smoker myself, yet at the same time there are people out there that care more than you would think.

In order to help those keen smokers during the harsh winter months, mittens specifically for smokers have been created by Tobias Wong. It has been created with one small hole situated between the index and middle finger, in order that you slip in you cigarette through the oven mitt so that you can enjoy the nicotine while staying toasty warm.

It’s clear that this invention is promoting smoking by making it more attractive to those that smoke and also those who potentially wish to smoke but also having looked at the product there are some health and safety issues, in particular because of the fact that the mitten is very restrictive (movements of the hand take place in the mid and restricts the tapping off method) and could cause a fire hazard.

All in all, it is a clever invention because someone saw a gap in the market and sought to fill that gap. What i would like to know however is how much they are and whether there have been issues with the mittens from consumers?

What are your thoughts?


I’m a Christian ∴ I LOVE Jesus

I haven’t been blogging very much recently and there’s really no excuse for it especially since I had the whole summer to make creative posts. I do have to say however, I do not tend to post about things unless I am stirred by something or feel that I have thought of a piece which I would like to share with people.

Just now I’ve been listening to a song called ‘Lion and the Lamb’ by Bethel. I’ll include it as a link in this post and it really got me thinking that I haven’t mentioned the fact that I am a Christian on my blog before. Being a Christian is a really important part of my life. I completely and wholly rely on Jesus Christ my saviour and I am truly grateful for the blood.

I recently read a scripture in Psalm 42:1 and it truly expressed how I feel about God. It says in the Living Bible Edition ‘As the deer pants for water, so I long for you, O God’. It is such as short scripture but it speaks volumes for me.

Some people think that the Bible is an ancient text with no relevance to modern day but you only need to look closely at scriptures to realise that any problem or answer you are seeking from God is found in the Bible, you just need to find the right book, chapter and verse.

In order for my personal growth I am reading the Bible and praying every day and I hope by doing this, the relationship I have with God is strengthened and that I will become attentive to his Holy Spirit. Amen.

I intend to speak more about my faith in the future.

Let me know if you have a faith and what makes you happy about that faith.

When I tell people I’m a Vegetarian

Coming from the family and culture i was raised in, it is rare to find people who do not enjoy tucking into fried chicken or other types of meat such as beef, lamb, pork, duck – and the list goes on. It is even harder to find vegetarians. In fact vegetarians and vegans are very hard to come by.

I, along with my sister, have been vegetarians for three years now. Since not eating meat is alien in my culture, it is therefore unsurprising the questions I inevitably receive when I go to a gathering. I am always one to be respectful and answer everyones questions as I hope to inform more people of my lifestyle choices even if they do not agree with it and I encourage more so than preach at those who choose to eat meat.

At the same time, it bothers me that i receive the same questions from the same people at gatherings, and, this is usually followed by a quizzical and disappointed look.

I have told many people that I am vegetarian and that this means i do not eat any type of meat whatsoever but people still have the impression that seafood and specifically fish is an exception. This is shocking because by very definition, a vegetarian is someone, according to, that does not eat or believe in eating, meat, fish,fowl, or in some cases any food derived from animals.. etc. This definition goes on to say that some vegetarians do not choose to eat dairy products but i think this definition is wrong as this part of the definition would better suit vegans.

Among the other questions i have received includes whether i would be OK to pick out the meat from a foodstuff in order to eat the remainder of it. The answer to this is no and will always be no.

As a vegetarian, I do not make exceptions to please others. Fair enough, i have been in some awkward situations, even situations where there was nothing i could eat but i am not the type of vegetarian to ‘cheat’ when the occasion arises just to fit in with others or make it easier for other people.

My choice to be vegetarian is not because of other people but because i care about what i put into my body. I care about the planet, animals and my health. This is the reason why i am trying to convert to veganism. I have attempted to be vegan for a year beforehand but stopped because of finances and circumstances. I hope to in the near future go back to being vegan but also to try eating more raw (maybe try the Rawtil4 lifestyle).

For now i will continue to be vegetarian and i am fully aware that my lifestyle will continue to be controversial even with the increasing number of those becoming vegetarian and vegan.

I hope everyone is well and i hope to make posts regularly this summer!







Signs God has blessed you

I think it’s important every so often to sit down and ponder why you’re loved and blessed because with the stresses of day to day life you can get warped in and forget that your heavenly father’s got your back. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t give up and when you are feeling down remember (when I am I will look back at this post);

  1. You’re alive
  2. You can experience life whether through all senses or only some
  3. You have breath
  4. You have friends/family or someone who cares enough to speak to you and/or give you the time of day
  5. You’re beautiful inside and out and you’re wonderfully made
  6. God picked this place and time for you because he knew that you would be powerful in affecting this generation
  7. The world would not be the same without you
  8. You’re strong and brave
  9. God thinks you’re perfect and special and he loves you
  10. Jesus died for you.

If we shouldn’t consent to labels…

then why are we expected to label ourselves?

It has come to my attention that society argues that we should not accept labels and we should instead be whomever we wish to be. That a label is not what our potential is nor a true representation of us. Yet we are always required to label ourselves for the benefit of others.

Is it just me that is convinced that this is completely hypocritical?

For instance, I am in the process of applying for a traineeship and one of the requirements was to label myself. Requirements included my sexuality and ethnic background among other things. It became quickly obvious to me that I was not fulfilling these requirements for self-benefit but for the benefit of that establishment who can later claim  they, for example, have x amount of homosexuals and x amount of black people.

I remember being back at school and having to label who I was for the benefit of the system.

Within society we use labels on people to make it easier to put them into a box, essentially to make ourselves feel comfortable but I feel like this is very detrimental and the cause of problems because it gives way to prejudices and stereotypes about a certain group of individuals.

The reality is we should not be labelling people because not all people fit into one box. Some are unwilling to (for reasons) label themselves. I don’t think people should label themselves because it is self-limiting and i don’t think people are truly aware of this. At the same time, I feel society is so far gone that this will be difficult to retire.

It has certainly become ‘easier for everyone’ to label and this to me is truly sad.






Happy New Year to all, I feel it has been ages since I posted anything. I AM BACK!

I don’t exactly want to start the year off on a bad note but since I am discussing something that has happened to me more than once I think it deserves a post.

PRESUMPTIONS or judgements (whichever you prefer).

The first time someone made a presumption about me I was in a DVD/CD shop. If I remember correctly I was looking around for DVDs and asked the shop owner a few questions about a DVD I was looking for. One thing led onto another and he suggested some music to me. The first and only suggestion he made was for R&B music. I didn’t really think anything of it until I got home and reflected upon what had happened in the shop. I realise he did not mean any harm at all in suggesting that genre of music but I couldn’t help but feel that he made a presumption based on how I looked and did not bother to ask me whether I liked that genre of music.

The second occasion I was actually at a Doctor’s office. The Doctor presumed I came from a particular city without first asking me.

From reading about the topic people make snap judgements based on first impressions and it’s pretty normal. In fact it’s most likely I do it too, I simply didn’t realise it was blatant until it was happening to me.